We named our specialty coffee company “Merge” because we are two families from different cultures and backgrounds that have combined our talents and gifts to build something bigger than ourselves. What started as friends having fun has blossomed into a passion for sourcing coffees from around the world and expertly roasting them in right here in Harrisonburg, VA.
We purchased a tiny little roaster and dove headlong into learning the craft. After A year and a half we started selling online and eventually opened our cafe in Harrisonburg, VA. What started as friends having fun has blossomed into a passion for producing the finest roasts of coffees from around the world and a movement to educate people on how to get the best out of there coffee by growing together with them. Here are just a few things that we believe in at our core.


We are a member of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), we meticulously & sustainably source our beans and only purchase coffee at fair pricing. Read more about our coffee ethics here.


Community is in our DNA and we believe in integrating it at all levels of our business. At our cafe we have a 25 ft. shelving unit that displays local art and we also co-host a story table where the community can talk and listen to each other in an agenda free environment.


We realize that we have been blessed to have this platform and aim to help those who are less fortunate. Every 7 bags of coffee sold provides water for a single person for life.


Our goals for sourcing green coffee are accountability and relationships. Accountability in coffee sourcing means transparency, and fair, quality-based pricing to build sustainability throughout the supply chain. Relationships allow us to attach a face and a name to that accountability, and tell a story that allows our customers to connect to the farmers who grow the coffee they drink.
Even though we highly value relationships we are a small company, and as much as we’d love to, we cannot afford to have a full time staff traveling globally to manage every coffee transaction from start to finish. Instead, we’ve built direct trade relationships through a network of native buyers and importers who share our values and vision. This helps us build strong, lasting relationships with farmers and cooperatives around the world.
Through relationships and accountability we’re constantly working to improve the way we source coffee for our customers to ensure it will be available to share for many years to come.