• Notes of red apple, stone fruit and bergamot aroma.


    In Yirgacheffe’s Gedeo Zone (halfway between Wenago and Bule) you’ll find Adado- a large wet mill about 1940 m above sea level. We connected to this community through Legu Trading PLC- a company that operates washings stations in the south along with a mill and export business in Addis.

    Legu has done a lot to provide more consistent financial stability for this community. Not only through premiums for red ripe cherries, but also by hiring hundreds of members of the community to work at the washing station. We’re hoping to connect more closely with this washing station in the next harvest to see where we might be able to add some value to an already very successful organization.


    • roast level: light
    • process: washed
    • elevation: 1900 – 2100 meters
    • varietal: heirloom