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At Merge Coffee Company, our story is steeped in a blend of cultures, shared dreams, and a commitment to crafting exceptional coffee experiences. The name "Merge" represents the fusion of two families, each with their unique backgrounds and talents, coming together to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

Founded and owned by cousins Charles & Darryl Matthews and sisters Emily and Larisa Martin, our journey began in 2017 with a modest 1lb roaster and a shared passion for the craft of coffee. What started as a humble endeavor in Charles' garage rapidly transformed into a voyage of discovery and mastery.

After immersing ourselves in the art of roasting, we took our knowledge to the online realm, offering our meticulously roasted coffees to a growing community of coffee enthusiasts. With dedication and precision, we nurtured our roasting, refining our techniques and flavors with each batch.

In time, our commitment to quality and the pursuit of excellence led us to open our first café in the heart of Harrisonburg, VA. What was once a small-scale venture among friends flourished into a full-fledged passion for ethically sourcing coffees from around the globe and crafting roasts that garnered accolades and high praise from industry experts.

Today, Merge Coffee Company proudly boasts three thriving cafes in Harrisonburg, VA. Our devotion extends beyond just serving exceptional coffee – we are dedicated to enriching our community and sharing our coffee expertise at every step of the coffee journey. Whether you're embarking on your initial exploration of coffee flavors or seeking a finely tuned brew, we are here to guide and inspire you.

From the delicate, fruity notes of an Ethiopian small lot light roast to the bold simplicity of a Brazilian dark roast, our diverse selection ensures there's a coffee to delight every palate. You can savor our coffees at our three Harrisonburg coffee shops, as well as in partner coffee shops, cafes, and grocery stores across the state of Virginia.

Merge Coffee Company is more than a business; it's a testament to the power of collaboration and the pursuit of excellence. Join us on this flavorful expedition as we continue to merge cultures, passions, and unparalleled craftsmanship in every cup we serve.


Here are just a few things that we believe in at our core:


At Merge Coffee Company, we view coffee not just as a commodity but as a bridge that unites us with our local and global communities. It's our belief that every sip you take is a reminder of the human connections that enrich our lives. We invite you to be a part of our coffee community, where relationships are kindled, dreams are fueled, and coffee becomes a symbol of togetherness. Through our commitment to community, we strive to create spaces where individuals can find common ground, where stories can be shared, and where dreams can be nurtured. Whether it's the conversations that unfold in our cafes, the relationships we build with coffee farmers around the world, or the connections we establish with our customers, community is the thread that weaves us all together.


Responsibility is not just a value we uphold; it's the compass that guides our every action. We understand the profound impact our choices can have on the world around us, and that's why it is at the core of everything we do. As proud members of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), we're committed to adhering to the highest standards in the coffee industry. Our responsibility extends beyond the cup, driving us to meticulously and sustainably source our beans. For us, each bean represents an opportunity to make a positive change, and we approach this task with dedication and care.


At Merge Coffee Company, our commitment to ethical coffee sourcing goes beyond transactions – it's about fostering genuine connections that create a positive impact on farmers' lives and the global coffee community. Our green coffee sourcing practices are rooted in building relationships that extend far beyond the cup, ensuring that every sip of our coffee is a testament to collaboration and sustainability.

We believe that each coffee bean carries a story – a story of hard work, dedication, and the hands that nurture it from seed to cup. For every coffee we procure, we embark on a journey to establish direct relationships with the farmers. We seek to attach a face and a name to those who cultivate the coffee, enabling our customers to connect with the people and places that make their daily brew possible.

Fairness is a cornerstone of our approach. We understand the importance of fair, quality-based pricing that enables farmers to not only cover their costs but also to invest in sustainable practices and vital infrastructure. It's our goal to contribute to the growth of coffee-growing communities by paying prices that empower farmers to expand their businesses and ensure a prosperous future.

As a small company, we recognize the challenges of managing global transactions on a grand scale. While we'd love to have a full-time team traveling the world, building relationships firsthand, practicality calls for innovative solutions. We've established direct trade relationships through a network of native buyers and importers who align with our values and vision. This approach enables us to bridge the gap between regions, languages, and cultures while nurturing strong, lasting bonds with farmers and cooperatives across the globe.

Through these collaborations, we are perpetually working to refine our coffee sourcing methods, ensuring a sustainable supply of exceptional coffee for years to come. We believe that by nurturing relationships and championing responsible practices, we're not only preserving the present quality of our coffee but also securing a future where the art of coffee cultivation can thrive.

At Merge Coffee Company, ethical coffee sourcing is more than a practice – it's a dedication to elevating the lives of farmers, enriching the coffee experience of our customers, and contributing to a brighter future for the global coffee community.

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